For those that like it HOT! We take our mild First Date Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa and add authentic spicy smoky chipotle peppers and jalapenos. It’s a recipe for a great Hot Date salsa!!! Hot spicy and your breath is still fresh!!

Ingredients:Fire roasted tomatoes (tomatoes, tomato juice, citric acid and calcium chloride), mangos, fire roasted green chiles (green chile peppers, water, salt, citric acid, calcium chloride), pineapple (pineapples, pineapple juice and citric acid), water, jalapenos, chipotle peppers (chipotle peppers, water, vinegar, tomato paste, salt, spices ((no onion or garlic)) mustard powder, natural flavorings), cider vinegar, banana peppers (banana peppers, water, salt, citric acid and calcium chloride), salt, lime juice and cumin

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