head-shot.jpgSaucy Company was founded by Mark Offerman AKA “Mr. Saucy”. A lifelong foodie and master gardener, Mr. Saucy was frustrated that onions and garlic showed up in almost every tomato-based condiment on the retail market. Being intolerant to both onions and garlic as well as eggs, lactose, and peanuts, Mr. Saucy saw a need for tasty alternatives to popular condiments that people avoid because of certain trigger ingredients.

Lot’s of people simply don’t like the taste of onions and garlic. Others have a bad tummy reaction to them and absolutely no one likes onion or garlic breath!!! With our first releases of Salsa and soon to be released pasta and BBQ sauces….Now there are alternatives for those folks.

Kid friendly mild versions. Kids love our onion and garlic free sauces.

Perfect for social situations our sauces will never leave you with bad breath. You will never miss what’s NOT in our products!